Casa John

Things to do on land:

Walk for miles:
Mozambique is famous for its long stretches of white beaches, and Tofo is no exception. Go shell hunting, watch the local fishermen or simply enjoy unspoilt beauty.

Sun and Surf:
Casa John provides ease of access between the two main beaches at Tofo and smaller secluded beaches along the Tofinho road. Lap up the sun and frolic in the waves in total isolation or on the main stretch.  

Explore Linga-Linga bay and the estuary:
Tofo is in close proximity to Linga-Linga bay and Inhambane estuary, which not only provides an excellent days boating, but can also provide the unique experience of spotting the shy manatee and inshore seahorse.  

Samba, biera and lullas:
Enjoy the rhythm of local Mozambican music, with a cold beer and local delicacies from the number of quaint restaurants and beach bars along the main beach.  

Go local:
Mozambique has an interesting history and Inhambane house's a small museum and art gallery. Day trips can also be arranged to cross the Inhambane bay to opposite Maxixe by dohw boat.   Explore the local markets and curios in Tofo and Inhambane and along the roads between them.  

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Tofo, Mozambique 2352'13.51"S 3533'9.83"E