Casa John

Things to do at sea:

Whale Watching:
From June to November, the Humpback whales are highly visible along the coast, making this the perfect time of year for whale watching. It is not even necessary to go on a boat to see these exquisite creatures, as Casa John has perfect see views of these marine creatures which come close to the shore line, sometimes appearing only metres from the shore. Seeing these marine giants in their natural environment is an experience and opportunity you won't want to miss.

Diving & Snorkeling:
The Tofo marine area is increasingly gaining a reputation as one of the best diving spots in the world. It is highly likely that you will spot whale shark on route to a dive and have the opportunity to snorkel with it. Invariably mantas circle you in numbers every time you go down on scuba off the famous Manta Reef. Also on show are cheeky devil rays, turtles, large schools of tropical fish, reef shark and the elusive harlequin shrimp.

Casa John welcomes all surfer's to Mozambique. The best time to visit with your surfboard is in June, July and August, but if you don't mind the on shore wind which blows pretty often, then surf season can last from February to October. The beaches are exquisite and filled with an enjoyable local vibe in the markets. A wetsuit will be necessary in the surf season, but for the rest, your board shorts will do just fine. Inhambane has some of the fast, hollow waves, but there is plenty of coast left to explore if you wish to find other world class breaks.

Try Fishing:
Casa John is superbly situated on a rocky cliff face, allowing excellent access for shore fishing. Local charters for deep-sea fishing are available and spear fishing is permitted off the entire coast.

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